Parvati La cantante

Parvati Krishnan is not just a singer but a unique & musically seamless storyteller who encapsulates expressions in her voice. She imparts a rhythmic subtlety as she fluidly explores genres and styles of singing, smoky timbre, and has the ability to take a song from any genre or repertoire and make it indisputably her own.

An extraordinary experience, Parvati Krishnan is sure to leave you tipsy with her whiskey voice. She promises nuanced delivery that does not come in one, or two but several languages - weaving stories that carry infectious spirit and energy!

She is accompanied by one of the finest musicians in the city; the young prodigy Rythem Bansal on the piano, Aditya Dutta’s agility on drums & the versatile Sonic Shori on the bass add the perfect baseline to this phenomenal singer.