Open Hand Jazz FesTival

Dec 1st & 2nd, 2018

This winter, the Chandigarh TriCity will welcome music fans to two days of Jazz celebrations, featuring six bands from across India and the US, at the stunning Upstairs Club.

The name ‘Open Hand’ plays off the iconic local Chandigarh landmark but also symbolises for us an openness to new cultures and art forms. In that spirit, the ‘Open Hand Jazz Festival’ will celebrate jazz and all its departures, featuring two days of blues, funk, soul, world and pop, alongside traditional jazz forms. So look forward to an event where the past, present and future of jazz combine and meld into one another.

So come on in and discover your favorite new artist, and meet some of the leading jazz ambassadors from India and abroad like Pradyuman ‘Paddy’ Manot, Vasundhara Vee and Sharik Hassan, who will lead their ensembles at the Open Hand Jazz Festival.